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Do you need a competitive scaffolding quote to make a major home improvement?

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We have plenty of reasons for you to engage the services of an excellent scaffolding company in Herts

Scaffolding Services Prices London

Do you need scaffolding to carry out a roof repair or fit a new roof? Maybe you need scaffolding for external decorations, rendering or carrying out a window replacement.

Scaffolding London Service Price Quote

Are you embarking on a grand design? Or maybe you want to ‘go green’ and install solar panels up on the roof!

Scaffolding Services Prices London | Service Price Quote Roof

Is it time to paint the exterior of your home again? Maybe you need to repair those ominous cracks in the brickwork you noticed a few years back and have just decided to sort out.

OK, there’s plenty of scaffolding firms in Herts to choose from, but stick with us for a minute or 2 and we’ll give you a multitude of reasons why you should seriously consider the high-quality services of Platinum Scaffolding London and request a scaffolding quote:


Why Platinum Scaffolding?

Experienced and customer focused

  • All the new scaffolding material we use complies with British Standards
  • We offer a fast, efficient service for homeowners, building contractors and construction companies.
  • We provide excellent customer care – we always put the customer first
  • All our workers are experienced CISRS-registered scaffolders

Professional, reliable

  • Our reputation is based on top quality of service and high levels of customer satisfaction
  • We complete the work on time, with minimal fuss, and are always professional
  • We have been providing professional scaffolding services in London, Herts and Essex since 2005
  • We offer the best advice
  • We will provide you with a set-in-stone quotation, with no hidden costs

Our priority is ‘safety first’

  • All our scaffolding is safe and secure, 24 hours a day, for the duration of the project.
  • Our flexible approach means we can construct simple scaffolding to support, for example, external decoration of a house or the complex scaffolding required for large commercial projects in London and Herts.
  • All Platinum scaffolding provides safe working platforms and access for all types of work such as re-decoration, roofing and temporary roofing, or chimney repairs.

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Our Residential Scaffolding services

Scaffolding Services Prices London

Scaffolding Services Prices Herts

Working directly with homeowners, management companies, local councils, housing associations and construction companies across London and the home counties, particularly Herts and Essex, we provide top quality scaffolding materials for construction and home improvement projects.

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Our Commercial Scaffolding services

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Scaffolding Service Price Quote Herts

Platinum Scaffolding provides comprehensive scaffolding services across the entire Greater London region and in Herts and Essex. We provide safe working access for all commercial properties and buildings such as football grounds, hospitals, stations, churches, shops, supermarkets and office blocks.

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